Advantages of Ductless Heating

Ductless heating systems have been increasing in popularity over the last few years and there are several reasons why this mini-split systems are gaining so much attention. Ductless heating has so many advantages that are really worth considering. These advantages include:

Easy to Install

Compared to central heating systems ductless heating systems are incredibly easy to install. Unlike central heating systems where you need to cut into walls to install the duct work, ductless mini-split heating systems just require a small hole for the conduit. When having a system installed by HVAC professionals they set up the outdoor portion of the unit and then install the interior portion. In most cases, the installation only takes a couple of hours.

Energy Efficient

Ductless heating units are very energy efficient. Studies show that mini-split heating system saves anywhere from 30% to 50% less energy than central heating units.

Saves Money

While ductless heating may cost more initially to install these systems end up saving you money not only in heating costs, but also because there may be rebates available to offset the installation cost of Ductless Mini-split Ac System. It should also be noted that when comparing cost between central heating and mini-split heating units, the cost of the duct work needed for central heating is not included in the cost of the system when a comparison is made. When you consider the cost of the central air duct work the ductless heating systems really is not that much more expensive.

Can Control Individual Room or Zone Temperatures

With central heating every room must heated to the temperature set by the one and only thermostat. With multiple ductless zone heating you can set and control the temperatures in each zone individually so that you don’t have to heat those less often used rooms to the same temperature that you set for those more frequently used rooms or zones.

May Improve Your Overall Indoor Air Quality

Ductless heating systems have multiple filtration which means that these filters may collect more dust, pollen, pet hair and more resulting in improving your overall air quality as long as the filters are properly and frequently cleaned.

Flexible Solutions

Ductless heating provides flexible solutions to various heating needs. These systems provide a cost effective way to replace window air conditioners, baseboard heating or portable heaters since all they basically need is to be mounted and have an electrical outlet nearby. Mini split heating systems can easily be placed in individual rooms, additions to existing buildings and new builds also making these systems flexible as to where they can be installed.

Environmentally Friendly

Ductless heating systems are designed to meet to meet at least the minimum necessary requirements to be designated as energy star rated. This rating ensures that these type of heating systems leaves a smaller carbon footprint than many other heating sources.

If you are looking for a new or supplemental heating system for your home or business then you may want to consider the many advantages that a ductless heating system can offer.