Barefoot and Coastal: Creating a Relaxed Beach Wedding on Cape Cod

Beach Wedding on Cape Cod

The sound of gentle waves lapping at the shore, the warm sun on your skin, and the salty breeze whispering through your hair – a Cape Cod beach wedding embodies the essence of a relaxed and romantic celebration. Maybe Cape Cod is not what is used to be anymore but there are still pockets of wonderful places that can be found throughout, you just need to find them. Cape Cod is also a very busy summer wedding destination and there are reasons for that. This iconic New England destination offers breathtaking coastal scenery, charming towns, and a laid-back atmosphere, making it the perfect backdrop for a “barefoot and beachy” wedding.

If you envision a wedding that’s both elegant and effortless, with sand between your toes and the sound of seagulls overhead, then a Cape Cod beach ceremony is for you. Here’s your guide to planning a relaxed and unforgettable coastal wedding celebration:

Finding Your Perfect Beach

Cape Cod boasts a diverse range of beaches, each with its own unique charm. For an intimate ceremony, consider secluded coves like Sesuit Harbor Beach in Dennis. For larger gatherings, popular options include Nauset Beach in Orleans, known for its dramatic dunes, or Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, with its iconic striped lighthouse.

Permits & Regulations:

Be sure to research permit requirements for your chosen beach location. Contact the local town clerk’s office to inquire about any necessary permits or restrictions on beach ceremonies. Some beaches might require insurance or limit amplification. Planning well in advance ensures a smooth and stress-free wedding day. Or t make things easier and choose beach wedding venue, in a hotel or a cafe.

Setting the Scene:

Capture the natural beauty of the beach with minimal decorations. That’s the beauty to be married in the nature, isn’t it? Simple white chairs arranged in rows create a clean and elegant look. Driftwood arches adorned with seashells and starfish add a touch of coastal charm. Use sandcastles or lanterns filled with sand and candles for a whimsical touch.

Embrace the Barefoot Vibe:

Encourage a relaxed atmosphere by letting guests know it’s a barefoot wedding in your invitations. Provide a designated area with towels and flip flops for those who prefer footwear. For the ceremony itself, many couples choose to go barefoot, adding to the casual and carefree ambiance. Plus you will save some time and money if you will not be choosing wedding shoes!

A Coastal Color Palette:

Embrace the soft hues of the Cape Cod coastline when choosing your color palette. Seafoam green, sandy beige, and pale blue evoke the ocean’s serenity. Pops of coral or lavender add a touch of vibrancy. Incorporate these colors into your wedding attire, flowers, and table settings.

A Beachy Chic Attire:

Ditch the traditional ball gown and tuxedo! For a beach wedding, light and breezy attire is key. Brides can opt for flowing chiffon or lace gowns with shorter hemlines or choose a stylish white jumpsuit. Grooms can look effortlessly elegant in linen pants and a button-down shirt, or a light suit with a tie. Or go Kurt Cobain style and opt for a pajama wedding.

Natural Beauty for Your Flowers:

Let the natural beauty of the Cape Cod landscape inspire your floral arrangements. Loose and wildflower bouquets featuring hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and beachy greenery like sea oats and succulents create a relaxed and organic look. Keep arrangements low-maintenance and heat-resistant for a stress-free day. Also consider butterflies in your bouquets or instead of flowers.

A Seaside Ceremony:

Personalize your ceremony to reflect your love story and the beach setting. Incorporate elements like sand pouring rituals, readings about the ocean, or vows written with the sound of the waves in mind. Consider hiring a local officiant familiar with beach ceremonies for a seamless and personalized experience.

Reception Under the Stars:

For a truly unforgettable experience, host a reception outdoors under the twinkling Cape Cod night sky. String lights or lanterns illuminate the space, creating a magical and intimate atmosphere. Set up a dance floor on the sand, and let the sound of the ocean waves be your natural soundtrack.

A Coastal Feast:

Cape Cod offers an abundance of fresh seafood, perfect for a delicious and seasonally inspired wedding menu. Think lobster rolls, grilled fish, and clambakes. Local farms provide fresh produce for creative salads and vegetable dishes. Don’t forget to include refreshing cocktails and mocktails infused with flavors of the sea, like citrus and ginger.

Memorable Beachside Favors:

Send your guests home with a taste of Cape Cod. Fill small jars with local beach sand and seashells, or hand out miniature bottles of Cape Cod cranberry juice or locally brewed beer. Personalized bags of Cape Cod potato chips or candies add a fun touch.

Capturing the Memories:

Hire a photographer familiar with capturing the beauty of beach weddings. They’ll be able to capture the natural light, dramatic scenery, and candid moments of joy on your special day. A videographer can document the ceremony and reception, creating a lasting keepsake of your barefoot beach wedding.

Beyond the Beach:

While the ceremony might be on the beach, consider incorporating other unique Cape Cod locations into your wedding weekend. Rent a charming beach house for a rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch. Plan an after-party at a local waterfront bar with live music, allowing guests to celebrate under the stars. Schedule a group whale watching tour or sunset sail for a memorable pre-wedding activity.

A Perfect Cape Cod Escape:

A Cape Cod beach wedding offers a unique opportunity to celebrate your love story surrounded by the beauty of nature. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a relaxed, elegant, and unforgettable experience for yourselves and your guests. Embrace the barefoot vibe, let the waves serenade your vows, and say “I do” under the vastness of the Cape Cod sky. Cape Cod is the place where you can make it as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be. From simple 2 people on the beach to all-invited wedding celebration.

Bonus Tip: Be mindful of the environment when planning a beach wedding. Choose biodegradable decorations, avoid single-use plastics, and encourage guests to carpool or utilize ride-sharing services to minimize their carbon footprint.