How Thermal Imaging Helps with Predictive Maintenance

In the era where technology has been high in demands, the new invention, as well as new process, and a newly developed tool have become a trend in the market. Industrial environment is not an exception. To minimize the process of their predictive maintenance, the use of thermal imaging technology has become a huge success. But how does thermal imaging helps with predictive maintenance and what kind of issues do thermal imaging can solve? Below is a list of everything you need to know about thermal imaging.

1. What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging is the process of transforming infrared heat into an image that shows differences in spatial circulation temperature. Process of thermal imaging inspection can be seen by using a camera called “Thermal camera” that is usually used by industrial technicians.

2. Thermal imaging and its ability

There are many types of thermal imaging devices you can find. Most of the thermal devices have the ability to scan in the rate of 30 times per seconds. Thermal imaging devices can also feel the change of temperatures which would help you to know if there’s any overheated machines and such.

3. The types of Thermal Imaging devices

There are two types of thermal imaging devices that are known in the industry. The first one is non-cooled. This type is the most common one to be used in many industries. This system used for this type is quiet and easy to use as well as a very flexible activation. The second one is Cryogenically cooled.

This one has more sensitivity compared to the non-cooled device. It has also a cooling element that can cool something to 32 F. because of its system and sensitivity to sense any heat, differences, and errors in a wide range (more than 1000ft). this type is more expensive to buy.

4. How it helps with predictive maintenance

By using thermal imaging system and its sensory of heat, radiation, and form you can have a predictive maintenance process that will prevent you big maintenance or even a huge error and accidents. For example, the thermal imaging system can detect an electrical issue in the electric equipment of your factory. It can detect the overheat breaker, or even spotting the motor bearings that need to be replaced.

You can also fix the thermal problem such as the cooling system or the insulation system by taking the picture of it using thermal imaging camera so that you can monitor the condition of it, does it need care maintenance or not. It can also be a good roofing monitoring system to check on your roofing condition.

By any means, using the thermal imaging surely is time-saving for technicians when they are going to do some predictive maintenance since its more accurate and lessen the risks of dangerous casualties.

That’s all about thermal imaging, and does thermal imaging help the process of predictive maintenance? The answer is yes. With its sharp sensory system, it will be easy to spot any differences that happen inside your factory and having it can sense in a wide range also save you casualties that can both save your technicians’ time and themselves.