How to Choose The Right Paint Color for Your Office

If you are repainting an area, or painting a new wall for the first time, there is a lot to think about. The color has to go with your furniture, and must not contrast against the carpet or curtains. It has to be a color that you like enough to live with every day, as well as being something that makes the room feel bigger or warmer. How are you supposed to get all of that right?! Well, there are a few simple tricks and tips you can follow to make the process a bit easier. If you are struggling to choose your paint colors, start here for the best way to move forward.

Start With a Small Area

The first thing to think about is testing colors. You can never really envision how they will look until you get them on the wall, so try testing them on a small area. If you need to see a full wall to visualize it properly, then choose a smaller room or a feature wall which has a smaller surface area. This will mean that you have less effort to waste if you decide afterwards that you do not like the color. Also bear in mind that dark color samples will be more difficult to paint over with light colors.

Change the Mood

Think about how color affects mood. If you want a dramatic room, go for strong colors. To make a room tranquil and quiet, go for cool colors and neutrals. Warmer and brighter colors make for an inviting atmosphere or rooms like Meeting Rooms, which encourages socializing. Formality can be achieved with blues and greens. Think about the direction you want to go in before you get started on choosing colors as this can have an impact on the feeling of the room.

Look at Lighting

The way light falls on a color can change it! Make sure that you view your sample painting areas in daylight, and with the lights on when it is dark outside. This will make the color look different, and you want to know whether you like it in all lights. Bear in mind that each type of lighting will look best with certain colors. Natural daylight will always give you the truest shade.

Consider the Ceiling

You can also paint your ceiling in a different color than white in order to make a strong impression. If it is complementary to the wall and carpet, you will have a great effect. This is an unusual choice and most people would not consider it, but you do not have to go wild with this option. How about a softer shade of the color you have chosen? If it is only a few steps away from white, the effect will be subtle – but it will make a huge difference to the overall impression of the room. This is a great way to create a strong look without having to go over the top. You will certainly appreciate it!